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What is Meat with Integrity?

Here at Cooper Butchers we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to eat
meat that has been ethically reared. Our meat will always taste the way that it should; we choose the best meat from British native breeds reared on independent farms and smallholdings, free from growth hormones, antibiotics or cruelty.

Meat with Integrity goes beyond the farm. From feed suppliers and hauliers to auction markets and processors, a whole chain and whole of life assurance programme underpins the integrity of all red meat carrying the Scotch Beef PGI, Scotch Lamb PGI and Specially Selected Pork labels, which is produced to an uncompromisingly high standard.

The history of Scottish farming can be traced back for hundreds of years. Today, the farming industry has the biggest impact on Scotland’s landscape, with 80% of Scotland’s land mass used for agricultural production. Scottish land is

We take pride in buying locally and ensuring we always have the best of the best. By having such good relationships built over many years with suppliers we know we can rely on them to ensure that we always have the best quality throughout the year. In having trusted suppliers we can visit all 3 local marts to ensure we are receiving the best quality throughout the entire year.

In knowing where our meat comes from and knowing it is reared in the best way and is free from hormones and antibiotics we can guarantee you will taste the difference.

Meat with integrity simply means that we know exactly where it came from and know that the highest welfare standards are met from farm to fork. We are very lucky in Scotland to have such a fantastic system in place to ensure that meat is completely traceable and is of the highest standard.

Why not pop in and see if you can taste the difference?

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