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Cooper's Ready Meals

Do you every struggle with cooking for one? Or worry about a parent not eating well? or just simply don't have the time some days to cook a meal? We have the answer, Coopers ready meals. Our meals are made with the freshest ingredients and then sealed to keep the goodness in! Our ready meals are available in the shop and on our website and can be cooked in the oven or in the microwave. They can also be frozen for future use also. We know how hard everyday life can be without the worry of dinner so why not try our ready meals and take the stress of cooking away. We have lots of options available such as mince & tatties, sausage & mash, beef olive & mash, chicken curry, macaroni cheese and lasagne, we do not add any preservatives into the meals and are made fresh, full of goodness, not salt, so a good choice for all ages!

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